Whenever you plan to buy your office or shop, think of Capri !

Whenever you plan to expand your business by investing in additional office space or shops, think of Capri. We offer Commercial Loans for purchase of new, resale as well as for construction of commercial properties. Capri remains committed to provide loan assistance to entrepreneurs for their employment generation and activities which enhances income of the self-employed community of the society, hence promoting the livelihood financing. When you move from your rented shop to your own premise, it is not only a matter of pride but also an important enabler for subsistence.

We offer loans with upto 15 years tenor and at competitive rates to ensure that your EMI does not come in the way of your lifestyle and living standard. You may chose from a variety of options of repayment as per your convenience. Your dream home can be in your name or in the name of any member of your immediate family. You can be assured of fair terms, total transparency and flexibility with simplest.